About Us


Rad-Logic was founded by Dr. Peter Samu in 1988.  Dr. Samu hired programmers (now known as software engineers) to develop RadSys, the first version of a Radiology Imaging System, subsequently known as RIS, to run his own practice.  A licensed version was released in 1996. Based on the early model, Dr. Samu and a team of engineers at Rad-Logic subsequently developed a new state-of-the-art PACS-enabled product they called RADIANT.  Our product continues to evolve using the most advanced technology available in today`s market and adding novel functions that further enhance the efficiency of daily radiology clinical practice.

Rad-Logic’s products reflect its founder’s obsession with ease-of-use and accuracy.  He reasoned that merging technology and radiology would optimize patient-staff interactions and results in a more efficient and pleasant clinic environment.  Tightening up on the billing process would surely result in increased revenues.

Rad-Logic is customer-focused, always ready to identify the individual needs of its clients and works with them to provide a custom solution that allows them to achieve the performance results they require. Growing numbers of customers are recognizing the important advantages Rad-Logic products offer.  The expansion of our client base within Ontario is evidence that Rad-Logic is a leader in its class.