Radiant Appointment Scheduler

Radiant's Appointment Scheduler comes with unique functions and screens that allow a variety of scheduling options. Appointments can be made on the fly, by selecting directly from the grid or, multiple (or single) services can be searched for, so that the nearest appointments and most convenient appointments appear on a list from which a selection is made with the click of the mouse. This program exemplifies Rad-Logic’s philosophy of a simple interface hiding the complexity of execution.

The scheduler can be used in a single clinic or an organization of multiple clinics. Appointments can be made well in advance, or on the same day. Daily, weekly and monthly editable views are available at a glance. Appointments can be searched based on date range, day and time preferences, procedures, and resources. Resource templates and modality time slots can be set up with limitless flexibility. For each and every transaction, time, operator, and other details are recorded and available for subsequent audit.

Appointment confirmation and instructions specific to the type of examination being booked are e-mailed to the patient at the conclusion of scheduling.

Our new Appointment Scheduler is tightly integrated with Radiant RIS thereby eliminating duplicate entry efforts by sending all patient communication to our RIS. Patients are checked in by a simple click when they arrive for their appointment, increasing the speed of processing patients at busy sites. The validity of the health cards is verified at the time the appointment is made or, if Health Card unavailable, when patient checks in.

A list of appointments with phone numbers and other details allows the staff to pull tomorrow's cases, remind patients of appointments, and much more! Flexible time slots allow reduced waiting times, enhancing productivity!