System Integration

Many of our customers have existing third party programs such as EMR, Echo, Digital Repositories, and others which they wish to maintain.  Our experienced team of integration specialists works with our customers to ensure that our digital radiology solution can be integrated with these third-party programs as well as modality machines (equipment).  PACS (ours or others) is made to work seamlessly in concert with the above, coordinated by our RIS by means of the HL7 communication protocol.

Successful integration ensures that all data has to be entered only once as it travels through the workflow, optimizing resource time and avoiding redundancy.

Development Philosophy

Our programs were created over a long period of time by Radiologists, Technologists, and Receptionists. Each Version was subjected to constant analysis and feedback by the users. The result is that we have achieved the most user-friendly and intuitive software in the marketplace. Using our product requires by far the fewest number of keystrokes and mouse clicks.

Our development philosophy is to keep everything simple on the surface while the heavy lifting occurs in the background out of sight of the user.